• Doherty's Gym Brunswick 24:7

    The original and the best. Brunswick Doherty's is open 24:7 and packed full of equipment to help you achieve the body you want. Read More
  • Doherty's Gym Dandenong 24:7

    Located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Doherty's Gym Dandenong has been operating since 2008. With plenty of equipment, boxing facilities and an outdoor area, you will always be motivated to train here! Read More
  • Doherty's Gym City 24:7

    Located right in the centre of town, Doherty's Gym City has the feel and appeal to suit any hardcore trainer. As with our other Melbourne gyms, we NEVER CLOSE. Read More
  • Dohertys Gym CAMPBELLFIELD 24:7

    The newest addition to the Doherty's Gym army. Campbellfield is located in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The same Doherty's feel our members have grown to love, our Cambellfield gym has a large amount of equipment, boxing facilities and ample parking. Read More
  • Doherty's Gym Bendigo

    The Doherty's empire has expanded into regional Victoria. Bendigo is located 1 hour 20 mins North of Melbourne. Opened in 2011, we have already shown the population we are here to stay. Read More

IFBB 2014 Australian Grand Prix Results





1. Shawn Rhoden

1. Candice Keene 1. Ashley Kaltwasser
2. William Bonac 2. Heather Dees 2. Stacey Alexander
3. Evan Centopani 3. Ava Cowan 3. India Paulino
4. Branch Warren 4. Amanda Doherty 4. Amy Wright
5. Edward Nunn 5. Larissa Reis 5. Jade Roxanne Mackinnon
6. Fred Smalls 6. Erin Stern 6. Barbie Heng
7. David Henry 7. Asher Prior 7. Leigh Brandt
8. Joshua Lenartowicz 8. Gamagina Ekaterina 8. Anne Marie Caravalho
9. Luke Timms 9. Ellie-Yan Lobiz 9. Gemmalyn Crosby
10. Abraham Elzaibek 10. Rinnah Schmid 10. Rhiannon Harris
11. Mike Debanham   11. Amy Van Den Broek
12. Abbas Khatami   12. Elyse Inglis
13. Gary Wright   13. Ebony Quince