Doherty’s Gym Dandenong, located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, opened in 2008.  Our Dandenong gym is the prime destination for anyone serious about their training.  For nearly a decade now, we have worked hard to continue evolving the gym into a premier training facility, capable of hosting powerlifting events, and host to international bodybuilders and celebrities.

Doherty’s Gym Dandenong is a 24:7 training facility for all of our members who don’t just want to train, but NEED to train. It is this philosophy that has helped Doherty’s Gym to build its reputation as the only true place you can train how you want, whenever you want.

Phone: (03) 9701 3355   |   83 Cheltenham Rd, Dandenong VIC

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Dohertys Gym 24 7 Dandenong
Dohertys Gym 24 7 Dandenong
Dohertys Gym 24 7 Dandenong

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