Melbourne City

Phone: (03) 9621 1022
367 Flinders St, Banana Alley Vaults, Melbourne VIC

The fast paced environment of the City, the non-stop shuddering of over-passing trains, training in our underground vaults is a unique, hard core experience that will soon become an addiction.

With hard-selling ‘healthclub’ sales consultants hussling you on every corner, we pride ourselves on being a refreshing change from that. Our ‘no obligation, no pressure’ attitude is clearly evident with our $10 CASUAL visit rate – the most AFFORDABLE in Melbourne CBD.

We are OPEN and staffed 24 HOURS. EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY for EVERY BODY is our slogan. While this may offer the convenience of early morning or late night training, it is our philosophy of unrestrained training that motivates us to bring you the very best gyms that NEVER CLOSE….

Gym Features:

  • Dumbbells, barbells, pin-loaded machines and cables
  • Cardio machines
  • Boxing room with ring
  • Bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting equipment
  • Weightlifting/deadlifting platform with Eleiko plates and bars
  • Supplement store, cafe and merchandise
  • Male and female change rooms with toilets and showers

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Phone: (03) 9621 1022    |    367 Flinders St, Banana Alley Vaults, Melbourne VIC


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