When we say we never close….we mean it.

We recently posted a video on our social media (Facebook) where you’ll see City Manager/Owner, Alastair White, literally throwing away our keys into Melbourne’s Yarra River.

This symbolises our commitment to all of our loyal members that we will NEVER close.

Our values outline that we are there for our members…No matter what.

We understand and know our members better than anyone because we listen to them. We train with them. We spot them. We know their partners, families and friends. We do this because we know it makes a difference.

We are the ONLY gym within the Melburne CBD that is staffed 24:7 and will never change.

Never will we have ‘key card’ access and never will we use the excuse of ‘economic pressures’ to replace our valuable team with a computer controlled door.

To be perfectly honest, we find it laughable that others believe this is a safe way to operate a business.

Member safety is our highest priority and we do our best to ensure everyone can train in a comfortable and safe environment.

Choose the gym that puts it’s members first, not it’s financial statement.

Choose Doherty’s Gym.

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